The Experience: bytracye yoga.yummy food retreats Costa Rica

Video/Photo Credit: Bruce Dunkins Photography and Stay in Tamarindo

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Behind the Scenes: Solstice & International Day of Yoga in Times Square

Another year, another summer as webcast co-host and VOG (Voice of God) for Solstice in Times Square: Athleta “Mind Over Madness” Yoga. And, what a day it was!

Bruce Almighty and I woke up early that Sunday morning to a steady light rain with a forecast of thunderstorms all day. Not good! We really were unsure if all of the 15,000 registered yogis and yoginis would even step foot onto the mats to practice. But, Mother Nature, decided to offer up the sun and the heat, at least for most of the day (Sorry for the down pour Rodney & Colleen!).

It’s a 14-hour day for me (and Bruce who never stops snapping away) of instructor and sponsor interviews, announcements, introductions, etc. But, this year, I actually had the chance to get on the mat and practice with co-founder of the event Douglass Stewart. During his practice thousands of us paused to join dignitaries and co-founder of the event and Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins at the United Nations, live via satellite, to celebrate the first annual International Day of Yoga with one united pose. And following our practice, those same dignitaries and guests joined us in Times Square to share their thoughts on the day.

What a joy it is to be a part of something as special as this event. It really doesn’t get old for me. I’m always so excited to greet the day, show up to “work” to talk about yoga, talk to yogis and yoginis, and to share the message that yoga and the joy it brings to mind, body, and spirit is so very cool. Oh yeah, and to share that New York rocks!

I could go on, but really, Bruce’s photos tell the story better than I ever could. Enjoy the photo gallery as much as we did the day!

And, if you missed it you can still check out the interviews and classes at Solstice in Times Square Webcast. Also, if you were there or watched the webcast, would love to hear what you thought of the experience in the comments below.

Happy Summer!

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Check out the live webcast highlights at  Solstice in Times Square Live Webcast

Photo Credit: Bruce Dunkins Photography

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a place of refuge or rest; a sanctuary.


Join us for bytracye yoga.yummy food retreat “haven”, August 22nd –August 26th, Tamarindo, Costa Rica. An exclusive yoga and culinary journey awaits you in beautiful Costa Rica where you will be served and pampered in tropical luxury at our stunning home away from home Casa Puro Dieces. Translated “Pure Tens”, this modern marvel nestled on the hillside, with its Pacific Rim tropical design and Balinese inspired architecture, helps to conjure the “Pura Vida” way of life and serves as the ideal setting to immerse yourself in the bytracye retreat experience.

You will explore your yoga practice, your way, while nourishing your body and awakening your taste buds with the best cuisine Costa Rica has to offer. You will rest, relax, and be catered to in all of the exquisite ways you deserve. Welcome to haven.

Retreat will include:

• Premier concierge service
• Morning & sunset yoga and meditation classes bytracye (All levels)
• Private yoga consultations, instruction and practice resources
• Three customized, gourmet, locally sourced meals per day featuring world-class haven private chef Jean-Luc Taulare*
• Fresh cooking demonstrations
• Costa Rican raw chocolate making workshop by internationally acclaimed chocolate maker, Henrik Bodholdt
• Massage
• Group Excursions & Activities
• Private Local Transportation
• Private Costa Rica Airport Transfers**

*Alcoholic beverages not included

**Airfare not included.

Sample Daily Schedule

Pre-Yoga Early Morning Coffee/Tea, Fruit Smoothies & Pressed Juices @ Poolside

Morning Yoga Practice @ Poolside

Communal Breakfast @ Poolside

Group Excursion or Workshop/Demonstration or Yogi Foodie’s Choice

Group Lunch Excursion

Sunset Restorative/Meditation Practice @ Poolside or Roof Deck

Communal Dinner @ Poolside

Retreat Investment:

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION (Ends April 25th, 2015)
• Master Suite – Ocean View/Poolside (2 Guests Minimum) $3000 per person
• Premier Double Share – Ocean View/Poolside (2 Guests Minimum) $2750 per person
• Couple Share – Partial Ocean View/Poolside (2 Guests Minimum) $2200 per person
• Couple Jr. Suite – Ocean View (2 Guests Minimum) $2525 per person
Double Yogi Share (2 Guests Minimum) $1950 per person SOLD OUT
Single (1 Guest Maximum) $2650 per person SOLD OUT

Registration after April 25th

• Master Suite – Ocean View/Poolside (2 Guests Minimum) $3300 per person
• Premier Double Share – Ocean View/Poolside (2 Guests Minimum) $3050 per person
• Couple Share – Partial Ocean View/Poolside (2 Guests Minimum) $2500 per person
• Couple Jr. Suite – Ocean View (2 Guests Minimum) $2825 per person
Double Yogi Share (2 Guests Minimum) $2250 per person SOLD OUT
Single (1 Guest Maximum) $2950 SOLD OUT

We recommend flying into Liberia (LIR), Costa Rica. As well, and to be safe, we also recommend purchasing travel insurance with your flight.
Private Airport Transfer (in Costa Rica)

Once you are confirmed for the retreat and have booked your flight, our logistics coordinator will contact you to book your shuttle from Liberia to Tamarindo, as well as your return trip. Your airport transfer is included in your package. NOTE: Your private airport transfer is only included from and to Liberia (LIR) airport.

Cancellation Policy:
A $100 administration fee is non-refundable for all registrants.
A 50% refund will be issued for those canceling prior to May 8th.
A 30% refund will be issued for those canceling between May 29th.
No refunds will be issued after June 6th.

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Solstice in Times Square Yoga Live Webcast Co-Host

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be back this year as co-host, along with co-founder Tim Tompkins, of the Solstice in Times Square: Athleta “Mind Over Madness” Yoga Live Webcast sponsored by MINDBODY Connect. Thousands of yogis and yoginis from around the globe will come together to practice throughout the day on Sunday, June 21st in New York City to celebrate the start of summer (and the longest day of the year). Making this event even more special, this year the Solstice falls on the newly declared International Day of Yoga. Perfect!

I hope you’ll join me for the webcast Sunday, June 21st 9am-7pm. CLICK HERE for the link! Be sure to follow me @bytracye on Instagram and Twitter. And, if you’re on the mat in Times Square (or on the mat at home), post a photo and tag me #bytracye. It’s all about the yoga party and the power of the OM!

Click Here To learn more about this event and its charitable causes.


Photo Credit: Bruce Dunkins Photography

Farm Fresh Strawberry Sorbet with Dark Chocolate Bits

This weekend it was girls’ time for me and my friend, pastry chef Christine. With the kids and our guys off doing their thing we were off to Union Square Greenmarket and brunch. Both Christine and I could probably spend hours at the market but it turns out that we were both pretty laser focused this time. Bring on the strawberries! It’s almost summer and they looked fabulous!

I decided that instead of eating every last one while Bruce and Sasha were away, that I’d be nice (Points for me!) and make something yummy that we could all share. Insert sorbet here.

This is the easiest of easy recipes and, honestly, you don’t even need an ice cream maker if you’ve got the patience to let it sit in the freezer. I added the dark chocolate, because, well, I like dark chocolate. Plus, I had an amazing raspberry sorbet and chocolate chip cone at Grom the other day that was out of this world and I was inspired. It’s so good with our without, so your choice.

I made a small batch with just a quart of strawberries but you could easily double it if needed. However, it’s rich, delicious and a little goes a long way. Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments!

1 quart – fresh strawberries, washed (The sorbet is all strawberries, so they’d better be good! Go farm fresh or local if you can.)
1/4 cup –  good honey (I used a darker fall flower variety from Tremblay Apiaries here in New York.)
1 teaspoon – fresh lemon juice, to taste
1/4 teaspoon- kosher salt, to taste

Optional: 1/4 cup (or more if you like) dark chocolate; chopped

Remove all tops and stems from strawberries and purée in a blender or food processor until smooth.  Add honey and blend for another minute. Add lemon and salt to taste and blend. I didn’t strain my puree because I don’t mind all of the bits, but you can.

Pour into a container and put into the refrigerator to chill for 2 to 3 hours or until it’s cold. Pour into ice cream maker (Here’s where you can just leave it in the freezer overnight if you want.) and follow maker timing instructions. Option:  Pour in chocolate bits a moment before finishing churn or gently fold in with a spoon after completion. Place into a freezer safe container for 2 to 3 hours before serving.